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Peachtree City Engineering Department Policies and Standards

Below you will find several documents which will guide you through the development process in Peachtree City.  Please see links to the Peachtree City Code of Ordinances below.  More City standard details will be forthcoming.  If you have any questions, contact the Engineering Department at 770-631-2538.


Policies & Standards


As Built Drawings Policy


Commercial Concept Plan Checklist


Concept Plat Checklist


Final Inspection Checklist


Final Plat Checklist


Final Site Plan Review Checklist


Pre-Construction Checklist


Preliminary Plat Checklist


Pond Fence Policy


Proof Roll Standards


Right-of-Way Encroachment Application


Stormwater Maintenance Agreement   REVISED


Local Design Manual 


Stormwater Management Manual (State)


Erosion, Sedimentation & Pollution Control


Checklist Requirements for Projects Less Than One Acre within 200 Feet of Perennial State Waters

Erosion Control Plan Checklists 


Erosion Control Manual - Sixth Edition

(3/2014)  NEW


Municode.com – Peachtree City Ordinances

Land Development Ordinance – Appendix B

General Provisions – Article IX (Parking, Driveways, Handicapped Access, Accessory Uses)

Water Resource Protection – Article X