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Operations Division


The Peachtree City Police Department is charged with the overall responsibility for field operations and the positive proactive enforcement of State Laws and local ordinances within the boundaries of our jurisdiction.

Our mission is to protect life and property, to address neighborhood concerns, to be security conscious to any unusual activity involving Homeland Security, and to enhance the quality of life in our city, as well as our county. We will aggressively identify and apprehend criminals, and prevent the commission of crime by reducing the opportunities for such crimes. It is our mission to provide the order necessary for the individual pursuit of freedom, safety, and privacy.

The Patrol Division is be responsive to social, geographical, and economical changes within our community.

  • We will promote collaborated partnerships with our citizens, as well as our business community.
  • We will accomplish our mission through effective planning, continued high visibility, and effective crime prevention efforts.
  • We will attempt to maintain adherence to traffic laws by utilizing enhanced enforcement efforts, such as proactive enforcement techniques, pinpoint patrol, and increased surveillance activities, thereby reducing the number of crimes, traffic accidents and other traffic related problems within our community.

Our Commitment
Additionally, we are committed to professionalism, quality community policing concepts, increased safety and security of our citizens, and the highest professional law enforcement standards under the guidelines of International Accreditation and State Certification.

If you have questions regarding the Patrol Division contact Lt. Odilia Bergh or Lt. Ken Ralls at 770-487-8866.