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Special Response Team (S.R.T.)
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The Peachtree City Police Department has staffed an active Special Response Team (S.R.T.) since 1997. The S.R.T. unit consists a select number of elite volunteer police officers and fire department personnel who participate in a grueling application process to become a member of the S.R.T.

Peachtree City Fire and Rescue serve as S.R.T. medics to provide immediate medical assistance to the team members and persons needing medical assistance at S.R.T. incidents. These officers receive specialized training to effectively deal with unique and high-risk law enforcement situations that go beyond the normal patrol officer’s capabilities.  Our S.R.T. Medics are supervised by Team Leader Assistant Chief Clint Murphy.

The team also includes a Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT) which has received specialized training in crisis negotiations.  Our S.R.T. Crisis Negotiations Team is supervised by Crisis Negotiations Team Leader Mark Williams.

In 2010, the Fayetteville Police Department joined with the Peachtree City Police Department S.R.T. to combine our S.R.T. units into one team under the command of the Peachtree City Police Department to serve the citizens of Peachtree City and the City of Fayetteville. This cooperation has provided for a substantial increase in personnel and resources which not increasing costs.  This relationship along with our Memorandum of Understanding with the LaGrange Police Department Emergency Services Unit provides for the resources necessary to mitigate any high risk incident.

The S.R.T. unit can be utilized in situations where conventional standard law enforcement tactics and equipment may be insufficient or pose a pronounced risk to both the community and its police officers. When utilized for intervention purposes, the S.R.T. unit will consider all reasonable measures to protect and preserve human life. 

Contact the Special Response Team Commander, Lt. Brad Williams or Team Leader Sgt Brad Milstein at 770-487-8866 for information regarding the department's Special Response Team.