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Recycling Opportunities
Recycle At Home for Free - Through Your Garbage Company

All residential curbside garbage companies in Peachtree City offer recycling as a part of their service as part of their base rate.  See a list of authorized garbage companies operating in Peachtree City.

Can't find it?  Check www.earth911.com

City Recycling Facilities
Peachtree City, through its partnership with Keep PTC Beautiful, operates two recycling stations inside the City limits.  These recycling locations are for City residents and are provided at no fee.  The Rockaway Road Mulch Facility is restricted to PTC Residents ONLY - no contractors or commercial trucks. 

 Materials *  McIntosh Trail Facility  Rockaway Road Mulch Facility
Plastics (#1 - #7)  YES NO 
Aluminum Cans  YES NO 
Cardboard  YES  NO 
Newspapers & Magazines (mixed) YES NO 
Books  YES
Glass* (Clear and Colored)  YES NO    
E – Waste ** 



Yard Trimmings - Natural yard waste ONLY (tree limbs, branches, logs under 4’ long and under 12” diameter, grass clippings, dried leaves, mulch, pine straw, shrubbery & trimmings). Please empty bagged items. No lumber or furniture. NO YES 

Hours of Operation

24 Hours
a Day
1:00 - 4:30 p.m.


** E-Waste Items ACCEPTED:  business phones/systems, cables/cords, cell phones, computers, copiers, fax machines, firewalls, flat screen monitors, hard drives, keyboards, laptops, LCD Monitors, memory (RAM), mother boards, mouses, POS systems, printers, routers, satellite receiver boxes, scanners, server cabinets, servers, switches, UPS with battery, VCRs

* Items NOT ACCEPTED:  light bulbs (any type), styrofoam (sheets or packing peanuts), bubble wrap, shrink wrap, automotive waste (oil, batteries, tires), plate or window glass, ceramic containers or plates, mirrors, china, aluminum foil, paints or stains, wax coated paper, wax coated containers, construction paper, laminated paper, lumber (any type), or furniture.

Neely Fire Station
Peachtree Parkway North (across from Peachtree Crossing Shopping Center)
Open 24 hours a day, no fee
Items accepted
  • Aluminum beverage cans

Other Recycling Opportunities in Peachtree City
Boy Scout Troop 211 Recycling Center

Braelinn Shopping Center (behind K-Mart)
Open 24 hours a day, lighted, no fee
Items accepted:
  • Aluminum beverage cans
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines & phone books

Other recyclable items & locations:
  • Packing Materials (Styrofoam peanuts and packing) – most mail stores (call ahead for information)
  • Automotive (used motor oil, antifreeze, batteries, tires) – most automotive stores (call ahead for information)
  • Clothes Hangers and plastic cleaner bags - most dry cleaners (call ahead for information)

Can't find it?  Check www.earth911.com