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Multi-use Path System

Peachtree City has a unique system of paved recreational paths that are enjoyed by pedestrians, bicycles, and golf carts.  The 93.89 mile network of paths connects neighborhoods, retail centers, churches, schools and recreation areas, using tunnels and bridges to safely cross major thoroughfares.

The 2017 SPLOST project list includes 17 Multi-use Path System improvements. Visit the 2017 SPLOST page to view the list of projects valued at over $4.9 Million. 

Multi-use Path System Master Plan: 
Paper Name Format View
 Master Plan Map (no aerials)   image001.gif
View Map 
2011 Proposed Master Path Plan Map (with aerial photgraphy) image001.gif View Map
2011 Master Plan Evaluation Matrix View Spreadsheets
2011 Master Plan Aerials (33 MB) View Aerial Maps
2008 Master Plan Presentation (52 MB)

View Presentation

2005 Master Plan Presentation

View Presentation

2008 Proposed Multi Use Path Map

View Map

Master Plan Update

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Path Ratings & Paving Schedule


Link to Public Works page


Documents & Studies:
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PTC Cart & Path Rules

View Brochure

Online Map System
IE.jpg View Website
2011 AARP Transportation Study IE.jpg View Website
2005 Urban Sprawl Study

View Study

Motorized Carts Ordinance

View Ordinance

Path Standards and Requirements Ordinance

View Ordinance


Proposed Paths & Sidewalks: 
Site Name Format View
GDOT SR 74S Phase II Sidewalks

View Plans

Wilshire\Columbia SR 74S Tunnel

View Presentation

SR 54 East Landscaping & Paths*

View Plans

Cooper Lighting to BSC Path & Tunnel

View Plans

 * Plans incorporated into 2011 Master Path Evaluation Matrix