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I want to file a complaint against an officer
Procedures for filing a complaint against an employee or the department
To ensure that employees of the Peachtree City Police Department conduct themselves in a professional manner and properly and lawfully discharge their duties, all complaints against employees will be investigated and processed in accordance with the City of Peachtree City Personnel Policy and the Department’s Standard Operating Procedures.

This procedure permits citizens to seek redress of their legitimate grievances against a Peachtree City Police Department employee and/or the Department when he or she feels subjected to improper treatment by said employee and/or the Department. It promotes an internal system whereby objectivity, fairness, and justice are ensured by an impartial investigation and review. It provides procedure for investigating all citizens’ complaints, including anonymous complaints, helps promote a positive image, and helps ensure the integrity of the Police Department. It also helps protect the rights and interests of the private citizen, as well as the Department's employees. Finally, it provides the Chief of Police with an opportunity to monitor employee compliance with departmental policy, standard operating procedures, and rules and regulations.

Complaints may be made via the telephone, in person, in writing, or via any other available media. Any employee may take the initial complaint and ensure that basic information is collected from the complainant (e.g. name, address, phone number, basic complaint).

A complainant has the right to make an anonymous complaint and has the right to submit a complaint without speaking with any member of the department. Any person wishing to make a complaint without speaking with a staff member will be provided with a Formal Complaint Form. Under no circumstances will any member of this department attempt to talk a person out of making a complaint; and, all members of this department in receipt of a complaint will promptly forward the information to the Chief of Police.

All investigations will be classified in one of two categories:

1. Criminal Investigation – Investigations of employees that involve allegations of criminal misconduct or criminal violations against any laws of the City, State or Federal Government. These also include physical abuse, brutality, civil rights violations, criminal negligence, and misconduct toward others. These do not include minor traffic violations.

2. Administrative Investigation – Investigations of all complaints involving violations of rules and regulations of the City or the Police Department. These also include investigations of minor traffic violations, allegations of verbal abuse, abusive conduct toward others, misconduct toward others and inappropriate conduct toward citizens or other employees.

All formal complaints should be in writing. Anyone who deliberately or maliciously makes a false statement during an Internal Affairs Investigation or in an official employee complaint may be subject to criminal prosecution. If the complaint received is based on the complainant receiving a traffic citation or an arrest, the investigation may proceed as with any other complaint; however, the investigation may not be closed, or the findings of the investigation released, until the citation or the arrest has been adjudicated through the judicial process.

All complainants should be notified of the final disposition of the complaint within thirty-days (30) after the investigation has been completed, and the case has been closed. The Chief of Police will make this notification via written correspondence.

If you have any questions, please contact Internal Affairs at 770-487-8866 or .

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