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2017 SPLOST Information
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Fayette County SPLOST Referendum
March 21, 2017

Advance Voting Underway

Peachtree City
Projects Manual

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Countywide Projects Map

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SPLOST Quick Facts

What is a SPLOST?

A county-wide 1¢, voter-approved “Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax” for a specific time that local governments can use to fund specific capital projects. 

How would SPLOST funds be shared?

Fayette County and the municipalities of Brooks, Fayetteville, Peachtree City, and Tyrone would share the SPLOST proceeds based on population.  An intergovernmental agreement splits the estimated tax revenue as follows:

 Fayette County
 $     64,646,530
 Peachtree City
 $     45,472,835
 $     21,098,538
 $       9,102,463
 $          693,791
$ 141,014,157

How would SPLOST funds be spent?

Each jurisdiction has identified its own list of projects to be built with the funds raised.   Peachtree City identified capital improvements that would enhance quality of life in the community.  Some of the projects, such as new path connections, have been identified for years, while others (path and street paving) would allow the City to catch up on maintenance that was deferred during the recession and return to a consistent maintenance schedule in the future.

Why a Sales Tax instead of Property Tax?

While property taxes are certainly an option for funding many of these projects, they are only paid by property owners within the jurisdiction. 

Fayette County currently has one of the lowest sales tax rates in Georgia.  The current 6¢ sales tax is distributed to the State of Georgia (4¢), the Fayette County School System E-SPLOST (1¢), and the County/Municipalities (1¢).  Because all the surrounding counties have a SPLOST, shopping dollars that Fayette County residents spend outside Fayette County fund other counties’ projects, while we do not recoup those taxes from residents of other counties who shop and dine here.

Funding these capital projects would ultimately require a significant tax increase.  Calling for a voter referendum for a SPLOST allows the residents to decide whether the projects are important to the community and if they want to make that level of investment with their tax dollars.

Who pays the SPLOST?

If approved by Fayette County voters, the SPLOST would be paid by everyone who shops and dines in Fayette County, no matter where they live.   This is different from a property tax, which is only paid by property owners in Fayette County.