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With your help your public safety departments have the potential of reaching thousands of people within a matter of seconds, allowing for businesses and citizens to protect themselves, and help the police solve crimes, find missing children, and avoid hazards.  We are not going to sell you anything through our alert system.  We will not follow or like you on social media nor does this give us access to do so.  These systems do not allow us to to "see" into your personal life.  The intent is to notify you immediately for your safety.  Our community is one of the safest in the nation due to our citizens not tolerating crime and staying informed.

Synopsis of how the system works:

You choose how you want to receive an alert or notice.

#1  Facebook

      Currently our #1 source of information.  Ensure you set your Like settings to "see first."
      Click here, log in to your Facebook account and "Like us" and "Follow us First"

Public Safety and City Email Alerts:
     Click here for "Notify Me" located on the right side of the page in the "search" box.

     Scroll to the top of the page, enter your email address, click "Sign In".

     Choose emails, texts, or both by clicking the check boxes.  If choosing text messages, you 
     will be prompted to enter your phone number after checking the box.

     Click on the envelope and/or the phone next to "Police and Fire Notices" to subscribe.

     A dialogue box will come up explaining that you are not quite done - you will receive an email
     from the city requiring you to acknowledge your subscription.

     Check your email and make sure you click on the link to complete the subscription process.

#3  Twitter

     Click here and follow us on Twitter. 
     Our Twitter address is @PTCfirepolice.
  @PTCPolice is not our official site.

#4  My Community Officer

      An officer has been assigned to your neighborhood for questions regarding any city
      functions.  Please click here to contact your community officer.

#5  Code Red

     Whether using text to speech, recording a message or selecting a prerecorded message,
     your alert will immediately notify Phones, Cellular Devices, Text Messaging (SMS), Email,
     Info Lines, Pagers, TTY/ TTD devices, Computer Desktops, Signage and Social Media
     Platforms in seconds, allowing your message to be anywhere you need it.  This is the true
     emergency system to notify the public of a major event.
Click here to register for Code Red

#6:   Business and Residential Emergency Notification.

        If you want to be notified if something happens at your business or residence,
        click her for a form to send to the Fayette County Communications Center to be notified of
        any emergency at your business or residence.

#7:    YouTube

        Please subscribe to us on YouTube by clicking here.  Very little emergency alerts will be
        posted here.   

#8     Instagram

        As with YouTube, this is not the primary place for emergency information. 
        Follow us on Instagram by clicking here.

For for more information on the department's public information program, contact Lt. Mark Brown at  , or 770-487-8866.